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Visits to the local area

With a history of 4,000 years, the local community has a strong attachment for tradition and culture, developed in a rather isolated but heavenly spot of the island with flower-rich fields, breathtaking views of high mountains and lots of sandy beaches.

Taking the hotel bus, guests can visit the fishing village of Plakias, or the gorgeous sandy beach in Damnoni.

There is a huge choice of daily excursions near Kalypso. To start with, you can go to Preveli for its unique natural palm tree forest, the beautiful sandy beach and the historic monastery. You can also visit some of the Byzantine monuments, areas of natural beauty, gorgeous beaches, where you can taste traditional recipes of Cretan cuisine.

On Nature’s path to the north of Plakias, both Kotsifos and Kourtaliotis gorges shelter rare and endangered species like the “Royal Eagle” or “Eleonora’s Falcon”.

Lots of bird species, migratory and other, build their nests and lay their eggs near the coast.

The herbs in the area are worldwide known for their variety and their healing power. Plants like the Cretan Tulip, the Cretan Saffron and many more are part of a unique ecosystem that never fails to enchant the visitor.

We suggest the following local excursions:

Local Excursion 1

Mixorouma (dilapidated village and new) - Labini (traditional village with rare Byzantine church) - Karines (mountain traditional village with creamery) - Patsos (traditional village with gorge - natural monument and Agios Antonios cave) - Pantanassa, Voliones (picturesque traditional village) - Gerakari (typical Cretan village with cherry trees) - Oropedio Ious (a plateau dedicated to the Nymph Io) - Spili (picturesque village known for its abundance of water) - Dariviana (water mills) - Agia Pelagia, Fratti (traditional settlements) - Kourtaliotiko Gorge (natural monument - small church of Agios Nikolaos down by the river - springs).

Local Excursion 2

Krya Vrissi - Melabes (traditional villages) - Agia Galini (tourist resort) - Faistos (Minoan palace) - Matala (pro-Minoan settlement near the sea) - Gortina (Minoan palace) - Zaros (natural monument - springs - fish hatchery) - Vorizia - Kamares - Lochria - Platanos - Nithavris - Agios Ioannis - Orne (traditional villages).

Local Excursion 3

Mirthios - Kali Sikia - Alones - Arolithi (traditional villages) - Argiroupoli (ancient Lappa - historical traditional village with waterfalls - natural monument) - Asi Gonia (traditional village dependent on animals) - Askifou (mountain village) - Hora Sfakion (historical coastal village) - Frangokastello (Venetian port) - Rodakino (Cretan village with wonderful beach Korakas) - Sellia - Plakias - Kalypso

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